What are Some Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Fort Lauderdale?

Chiropractic care helps patients maintain spinal alignment without the need for back surgery. A chiropractor manipulates or adjusts the joints of spine, relieving stress and alleviating pain. Chiropractic care can help patients with a range of symptoms and conditions without the need for invasive surgery or medicine. More women are choosing to have chiropractic care during their pregnancies to help them reduce pain and handle stress.

Hormonal and physical changes that take place during pregnancy can affect your spine, leading to back pain. According to What to Expect, pre-natal and post-natal chiropractic care offers many benefits to pregnant women and new mothers. The treatment may even be able to help you have an easier birth by ensuring proper alignment of your lower body, thus reducing the risk of a C-section. According to some chiropractors, women who undergo treatment may see reduction in their morning sickness symptoms, and may have a lower risk of miscarriage or early delivery. By ensuring your body’s proper alignment, you protect your baby, protect your body, and put yourself on a path to enjoy a natural delivery.

Additionally, if your baby is turning and there is concern about a breech, a qualified chiropractor may be able to use specialized techniques to encourage your baby to turn naturally, increasing the likelihood you’ll be able to have a natural birth.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, all chiropractors are trained to treat women while pregnant, though there are additional certifications available.

Your chiropractor will advise you on exercises or other techniques to help you alleviate pain associated with a protruding abdomen and increased curvature of the back. Chiropractic care can also help you better manage pelvic changes associated with pregnancy. Pelvic positioning is important for a natural birth. Proper pelvic positioning can reduce the need for a C-section and reduce pregnancy complications.

In general, chiropractic care can offer many health benefits including:

  • Helping you reduce pain during pregnancy
  • Helping you have a healthier pregnancy
  • Reducing the time your labor and delivery takes
  • Keeping your joints aligned as your body undergoes changes due to pregnancy

Post-natal chiropractic care can also help new mothers. If you’re still suffering from back, neck, or joint pain after giving birth, a chiropractor may be able to assist you. If you’re also interested in getting started with a low-impact exercise and stretching regimen, a qualified chiropractor can also help ease you into a safe and healthy post-natal workout routine. Monitoring your progress is important to ensure that you safely re-gain your pre-pregnancy fitness levels. Chiropractic care can get you on the right path.

If you’re considering chiropractic care in Fort Lauderdale, it is important to find a  qualified chiropractor to work with you to make your pregnancy easier and safer. HealthPoint Chiropractic offers a range of services designed to help you have a comfortable, safe, and joyful pregnancy. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you reduce pain, stress, and other symptoms of pregnancy to ensure that you have a natural birth.

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An Arthrostim is an instrument that is used as a less forceful alternative to manual adjustments.

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