Arthrostim Gentle and Effective Adjusting

Arthrostim Gentle and Effective Adjusting

An Arthrostim is an instrument that is used as a less forceful alternative to manual adjustments. In many circles, the Arthrostim is viewed as a sort of next generation activator. This tool is mostly user specific because it can be adjusted to deliver anywhere from a few ounces of force all the way up to a maximum threshold of as high as 40 pounds of force.

The Arthrostim tool can produce up to twelve thrusts each second; twelve hertz is a higher frequency than can typically be achieved from alternative methods or devices used for adjustment.

This frequency is also known as “the low beta somatomotor rhythm.” This method is considered more accurate because it allows for a more correctly reverberated frequency through the joint and beyond into more distant tissues.

This, in turn, will release even more trigger points, further from the source.

Through the process of delivering a twelve to fourteen hertz impulse, the Arthrostim will divide the energy of what would be a single chiropractic adjustment into several, rapid successive inputs. This allows the Arthrostim to maintain a more consistent peak of force, all while the practitioner is more capable to administer a more comforting and more effective adjustment, as opposed to the use of alternative tools. Several different sleeves could be used to render different results or different adjustments period. Most of the cranial bones and/or upper cervical vertebrae are focused and corrected using the “bare stylus”. Alternatively, the wider sleeve covers much larger bones, such as those that make up your legs, ribs, pubic bones, shoulders, arms, and hips. The “ball” sleeve is designed as such that it measures smaller bones, like those in your hands or feet. More sensitive vertebrae, such as your spinal column, can be adjusted using the “narrow fork” sleeve. More often than not, though, discs are adjusted simply using the bare stylus.

The Arthrostim, has a less forceful method, stimulated both mechano and proprio receptors without the activation of pain receptors. This process is knows as a “neurological assist technique” and it allows for any practitioner to manage and treat their patients with fewer sessions, less effort, and an overall increase in comfort and safety during the treatment. The Arthrostim is a versatile, necessary, and valued tool in the chiropractic world, and provides for an overtly delightful experience over previous and alternative methods.

Furthermore, HealthPoint Chiropractic Fort Lauderdale provides the best care and state of the art technologies that can treat you for all your health needs. Dr. Neilen uses this (arthrostim) technique for patients that have trouble loosening muscles in the back on their own and regular adjustments aren’t effective. The level of the arthrostim varies from one patient to the next and it is up to Dr. Neilen to decide what level of intensity works best for you. If you need to speak to a chiropractor regarding specific treatments/ techniques or even a consultation, call our office to set up an appointment and we will assist you in the best way possible