Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction (IST), also known as the “roller table” is mostly described by our patients as a deep massage that maneuvers from the neck to the thighs. Allowing the patient to lay on their back with their knees on top of a specialized pillow to enable the vertebrae to be slightly slanted, helps the roller get all the nooks and crannies that are associated with either neck pain or back pain.

Dr. Neilen uses this table for his go to for patients that are stiff or just have trouble relaxing before the adjustment. It melts away those tight annoying knots and aches. In some cases the table pinpoints areas of pain that went unnoticed before. With that being said, intersegmental traction is completely safe and effective. This therapy is just one of many that we offer our patients in the Fort Lauderdale office. It can be combined with others such as; electric muscle stim, cervical and lumbar decompression, ultrasound, massage and so much more.

Once the patient is placed on the IST (roller table), they relax in a calm and soothing environment away from chaos. This occasionally helps the patients be so stress free that the tension that is contorted in the back, begins to release on its own. The IST has different levels of intensity that benefits all our patients. Some patients will of course, be content at level ten, while others will go all the way to level thirty (maximum level). This all depends on the patient and their level of comfort. Intersegmental Traction allows the spinal joints to expand, releasing unwanted pressure that has accumulated on the vertebrae over time. With the help of the kneading and rolling of the IST, the back begins to loosen up and allows the doctor to do a better adjustment.

Although majority of our patients feel relief after the first fifteen minutes of being on the IST, few feel discomfort or pain, and may require a heating pad underneath the roller to allow the tense joints to unwind, relax, and hopefully release. Many patients have described this experience as a deep tissue massage. IST allows the patient to gain back their mobility and motion of the spine, so that there is no discomfort when walking or doing everyday activities, such as bending, reaching, and sitting.

Many notice immediate improvement after the first treatment of Intersegmental Traction. Many of our auto accident patients and others come in with a stressed, crunched, and curled in backs and feel they have no hope for ever feeling better. But once Dr.Neilen assigns a specific regimen of treatment that includes the IST, patients are no longer depressed and have expectations for not only future treatments but their overall health as well.

Furthermore, Dr.Neilen truly believes that the intersegmental traction (IST) will benefit the patient in allowing them to not only see the difference in their spine/vertebrae but to detect it as well. Though fifteen minutes may sound too small of a time frame to do any of these stated above, patients are surprised as to how fast and successful IST really works. Call HealthPoint Chiropractic-Physical Therapy-Massage serving Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Pompano, Lauderdale by the sea, and other local communities today! 954.332.9999

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Intersegmental Traction (IST), also know as the “Roller Table” is mostly described by our patients.

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Dr. Neilen has been practicing chiropractic medicine in Fort Lauderdale since 2011. Graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Dr. Neilen wasted no time and immediately began as an associate at a local chiropractic office in fort lauderdale. He used the next 2 years to fine tune his adjusting skills and become a well rounded businessman and Doctor of Chiropractic.



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