Beginner Yoga Classes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Yoga offers many health benefits. Yoga, if properly practiced, can help your body heal more quickly. It is also an excellent way to relax your body and mind. Because Yoga helps develop flexibility and strength, it is a great way to prevent future injury. The stretches also help relax the muscles, which can lead to a reduction in pain. Flexibility and strength are both important factors to achieving full recovery and pain free living. Yoga is also an excellent way to stay active, without overtaxing your body during the healing process. It is also a great choice for people who want to start to become more active. Beginning Yoga is a fine exercise regimen for those who might be new to regular exercise. People who regularly perform Yoga feel stronger, experience less pain, enjoy greater range of mobility, and generally feel less tired or stiff. Beginner Yoga classes are also a gentle, safe and relaxing complement to Chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and massage.

A Harvard Medical School study found that Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can reduce a person’s heart rate, lower blood pressure, and help individuals breathe easier. A University of Utah study also found that fibromyalgia patients who did Yoga had a higher pain threshold than patients who did not participate in Yoga. Furthermore, a Yoga study performed in Germany, found that women who did Yoga experienced 50% reduction in depression, a 30% reduction in anxiety, and increased overall well-being by 65%. Yoga also helped reduce headaches, back pain, and helped improve patients’ sleep patterns. Yoga has even been connected to lowering cholesterol. Properly performed, Yoga will help you build core strength, help you have better posture, and help you become more aware of your body so that you can prevent future injury. HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic offers beginning Yoga classes to get you started. Contact us today to learn more about how you can start feeling better sooner.

How to Prepare for Your First Day of Yoga

Because beginning Yoga is not strenuous physical exercise, it is an excellent option for many patients who are recovering from injury or who are undergoing physical therapy. It is also a great choice for individuals who would like to start exercising to increase their mobility and overall well-being. Of course, you will want to speak to your doctor or chiropractor before starting any kind of physical exercise regimen. On your first day, you should wear comfortable clothing. Men can wear loose-fitting breathable shirts, and women might want to wear snug tops. Capri or other stretchy pants that allow you a full range of motion are best. Before your first day of class, you may want to purchase a Yoga mat, for comfort. You should try to avoid eating too much before the first day of Yoga class. A light meal eaten several hours before class starts is ideal. You should also drink water before and after class and bring some water to class to stay hydrated.

Plan to arrive early to your first class. Remember that many beginners actually forget to breathe when performing their Yoga poses. Breathe deeply and listen to your instructor for guidance. Once you have some familiarity and comfort with poses, you may want to practice some at home. Speak to your instructor about which poses would be best to practice outside of class. HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic’s instructor is available and willing to help guide you through new poses to ensure that you feel your best throughout the process.

What Occurs During Yoga Class

On the first day of class, you will sit down on your Yoga mat in a cross-legged position and your instructor will guide you through gentle and safe stretching exercises. Focus on your teacher’s posture and listen carefully to instruction so that you perform the poses correctly. Your teacher will guide you through a variety of beginner Yoga poses that will help you build your strength and help you relax your muscles. Come to class with a positive attitude. While there are many books and Yoga videos out there, it is best to start Yoga under the guidance of an instructor in order to ensure that you do not injure yourself. Your teacher may come up to you and correct your poses, to ensure that you are properly performing the pose. As you go through the poses, listen to your body’s responses. If you experience pain or discomfort, it is okay to go more lightly or speak to your instructor.

As you perform Yoga more regularly, you will get stronger and become more flexible. People who perform Yoga regularly experience greater well-being, relaxation, and report feeling less pain. If you are looking for a beginner Yoga class in Fort Lauderdale, HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic offers a safe, healhy, and relaxing class environment. Yoga is an excellent complement to Chiropractic treatment and physical therapy, and is also wonderfully suited for people who just want to maintain physical health and become more flexible. We have beginner Yoga classes to help you start feeling your best today. Contact HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic today to learn about how to sign up for our beginning Yoga classes.