Here at HealthPoint, we provide various types of massages. From Swedish and Therapeutic to Sports and Pregnancy. Massage therapy has been around since 2300 B.C., where Egyptians would rub the hands and feet of the pharaohs. It wasn’t until after a few years that China and other areas of the world would use different techniques and incorporate it into their own style of massage.

Massages allow the body to feel revived, relaxed, and stress free from the outside world and to slow down from the constant rush of everyday life. On average patients get massages once to twice a month depending on their schedule and their lifestyle. Some that have chronic pain or those that train intensely for sports or exercise come in more often. In any case we offer the best package deals in Fort Lauderdale for massage.

We can customize the package to fit your lifestyle from our low cost 1 hour massage or for better prices we offer multiple visit prices that never expire and that don’t  require paying a membership fee. Thus, the difference between a Swedish and a Therapeutic massage is that Swedish uses basic stroking motions such as gliding, rubbing, and kneading. These techniques allow pain reduction in the joints and other areas around the body, including the hands and feet. Therapeutic massage focuses more on one specific area, such as the back or shoulders.

Depending on your area of pain and condition, would determine the type of massage that would benefit you best at our Fort Lauderdale Office.

The Pregnancy (pre-natal or post-natal) massage is also another great relaxation tool, not only for the baby, but for the mother as well. Pregnancy massage therapists adapt their techniques to address the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. For comfort additional cushioning is added and in the third trimester most find it more comfortable to get massage Fort Lauderdale while lying on their side.  Majority of pregnant women have stated that the baby is calm and relaxed during and after the massage.

The Sports massage is one that many athletes or active patients use when trying to decipher what massage would be best for them. This massage focuses on all areas of the body, especially the legs and arms that are constantly being used in active sports. Sport massages usually will focus on trigger points that are sensitive to touch and need attention, such as pain and disability. Upper level athletes use massage to prepare their muscles for top performance before an event or after for faster recovery.

First time patients answers a few questions on the intake marking areas of concern that they would like the masseuse to focus on when doing the massage. These areas are usually tense areas such as the low back, shoulders, knees, and neck. If the patient is also feeling a numbing, tingling feeling along with headaches, this can also be taken care of with massage therapy.

All in all, Massage therapy has been proven to release the stress, tight joints, and tendons of the body that may be having pain. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and rather than waiting for that pain to come along, it is important for you to treat your body with utmost care. In doing so, massage therapy is completely safe and assists in the overall self-wellness of the patient.

Allowing your body to be fully relaxed for a full hour with any distractions, while the masseuse focuses on areas that were hurting, helps your body to heal faster and your mind to be at peace. This has been proven to heal, remove, and soothe pain that has accumulated over time or has just presented itself. Whatever the case may be, HealthPoints’ variety of massage therapies will cover all your needs. So call today and get to the Point! 954.332.9999