Inversion Therapy

Inversion treatments are safe and effective. It involves being upside down at a specific angle for therapeutic purposes. This therapy allows the back to be fully relaxed, elongated, and stress free without straining the body. When the body’s weight is excluded from the back and legs, it is easier for the body to relax and release the tension that has accumulated, thus allowing the joints to decompress themselves. Dr. Neilen uses this technique his patients, including those suffering from chronic back pain.

Although nothing is guaranteed to be 100% effective, the majority of patients have had positive outcomes regarding this treatment. Inversion therapy is said to be effective not only for those suffering back pain but to aide in sit ups, crunches, and other core work out methods that are successful to help the back work properly as well. This includes gravity boots for more support that can be used to protect the ankles and legs from feeling too much pressure.

With that being said, Dr.Neilen believes that this treatment is an alternative to loosening up the spine before an adjustment and targets the areas that may be too tense during specific treatments. In certain cases for those with extremely tight backs the doctor can perform the adjustment while the patient is on the inversion table eliminating the resistive forces from the muscles.

In order for the treatment process to begin on an inversion table, the doctor (chiropractor) needs to determine if this is the best treatment for you.

Inversion therapy was first developed around 460 B.C. by the father of medicine (Hippocrates). He believed that having the patient tilt sideways and then brought upside down would cure back pain. It wasn’t until after several trials that Hippocrates realized that having the patients head and body facing the opposite direction would cause the blood to rush to their brains after too long of sitting in this position and end up causing severe damage.

After several decades, inversion has improved tremendously. While keeping a medical professional close by, proper training, and understanding of the inversion table; the precautions that take place while using this machine, has helped many of our patients relieve their back pain.

Patients with high blood pressure, glaucoma, or heart disease should consult their doctor before beginning inversion therapy.

Dr. Neilen believes that inversion therapy along with others can successfully treat the patient even if they are not suffering from chronic back pain. It is best to prevent the illness or pain before it occurs. Since we only get one spine for the rest of our lives, we should prevent as much illness as possible by taking care of it before the condition worsens or occurs. Allowing Dr. Neilen to do a consult and seeing what areas are troubling.